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Project Management Courses in South Africa

Short and Effective Project Management Courses in South Africa

Even though web developers and programmers may have superior technical skills, they often lack the ability to complete projects within the given timeframe. More often than not, IT departments overspend on projects simply because they haven’t planned for possible lag times due to user resistance in the implementation of new systems.

Likewise, marketing managers often struggle to create and execute effective campaigns with the limited resources allocated to them. Building projects, if not correctly planned and managed, can easily be left uncompleted because of the depletion of funds. All the mentioned problems can be addressed to ensure profits, on-time delivery of results and top quality work if the project leader has the necessary skills to lead the team, coordinate resources and plan for lag times.

We at Learnfast offer a range of courses to empower people in becoming effective project leaders, skilled communicators and productive applicable project software users. Learning how to use the software effectively in planning, managing and completing projects is essential to ensure successful delivery of results. Recognising the importance not only of project management skills, but also computer skills we present the Microsoft Office Project course as part of the bundle of project management courses.

Knowing how to use the software, however, is only one part of being able to plan and coordinate small and large projects. With such in mind, we present the Fundamentals course in South Africa. 

Project Management Fundamentals

The one-day Fundamentals course covers the basic techniques for successful managing of projects such as time and cost management. Trainees get the opportunity to identify the main elements of a project in addition to identifying:

  • Steps to follow;
  • Variables that can influence the outcome of the project;
  • Environmental effects;
  • Manager responsibilities; and
  • Organisational issues.

Trainees learn how to determine the scope and to write the charter as well as to identify issues with time management. Schedule development, work component breakdown and resource allocation, as well the cost structuring and management form part of the course. Upon completion of the course the trainees will be able to calculate the estimated date of completion and variances in completion dates.

Microsoft Project Planning Phase 1 – Beginners

We recommend the completion of the Fundamentals course before enrolment in the Planning course. The course duration is one day and the content is structured for people who are already familiar with the key concepts of managing projects and are working with project plans. Trainees should already be familiar with the Windows Operating System and must have intermediate computer skills before they enrol in this course.

Using the Microsoft Projects software we teach trainees the main commands and features of the software and how to use it for the creation and modification of tasks. They also learn to set schedules, create and manage calendars, track costs and use the various views. Other topics covered include:

  • Working with filters and groups;
  • Sorting;
  • Task plan finalisation; and
  • Managing schedule and resource conflicts.

Microsoft Project Management – Managing & Executing Phase 2 

The Advanced course builds on the knowledge gained in the Phase 1 Beginners Course and is suited for people who have the basic know-how for working with Microsoft Projects.  In this one day course, trainees learn how to effectively work with templates and to create the baseline plans. They also learn how to monitor, update, and analyse project statistics and to manage delays using the software. In addition, they learn the fundamentals of creating reports for presentations and how to collaborate through the sharing of resources. Attendees gain the necessary skills for customising their projects and integrating the data with other Office suite programs.

Project Management Bundle

For people who want to learn from the Fundamentals to the most advanced parts of effective management of projects, including the use of the Microsoft software package for the purpose, we recommend the all-in-one bundle course. It’s presented over a period of three days and includes all the above for fast-track learning.

Our training programs run at predetermined dates at specific locations. That being said, we offer client companies the opportunity to have onsite training at their premises for groups of employees as well. View our full range of courses and contact us for enrolment information today.

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