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Student, Pensioner or Recently Retrenched?

If you fall under any of these categories you qualify for our 40% discount. Proof of your status needs to be sent with quote request.

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40% Discount.

We are offering a 40% discount to all private individuals who fall under these categories:

Proof of status must be provided!!!



40% Student Discount.

If you are a student and in possession of a valid student card from any tertiary institution you qualify for our 40% Student Discount.





40% Pensioner Discount.

If you are retired and would like to enrol for a course, all you have to do is send us your valid ID Document and you will qualify for our 40% Discount..


Retrenched? Receive 40% Discount.

If you have been recently retrenched and need a course to give you that one step above the rest you will qualify for our 40% Discount. Proof of your retrenchment needs to be supplied upon registration.


Terms & Conditions


  • Proof of status must be provided.
  • Proof of payment or PO to be received no later than 30 calendar days prior to course start date.
  • This may not be used in conjunction with any training vouchers redeemed
  • Only 1 requested date change will be allowed for these bookings provided this is done with a minimum of 5 working days written notice to us prior to course start date
  • Although we go to great lengths to ensure that all training proceeds as scheduled, Learnfast reserves the right to cancel or postpone dates if we require to do so and undertake to inform clients in writing and telephonically of these changes.

How to book?

Talk to a consultant at any of our Learnfast branches or make your booking by email.