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You're shopping online. You're banking online. Isn't it time you managed your accounting online? Put your customer information in the palm of your hand, be a part of the online trend and watch your business grow from anywhere in the world, with Sage One Accounting by Sage Pastel. 


R4,700.00 per person Incl VAT

PLEASE NOTE: Learnfast serves a full lunch during break as well as coffee, tea and biscuits as part at no extra cost. We also cater for special meals.


2 Days (08:30-16:00)


Learners need to meet the following prerequisites before attending this course:
1. Computer Literacy at NQF Level 3 or Standard 8/Grade 10 Computer Literacy
2. Mathematical Literacy or Standard 8/Grade 10 Mathematics
3. Bookkeeping NQF Level 3 qualification or Standard 8/Grade 10 Bookkeeping (optional)

Important Notes:

The assessment forms part of the course and has to be written within 6 months from the commencement date of your classroom training or self-study course. To make it easier for you, all the Sage Pastel assessments are now ONLINE. This means that you can write the assessment in your own time and in the comfort of your own home (as long as you have a computer with internet access). 

Once you have completed a Sage Pastel training course, we would therefore encourage you to take the Sage Pastel competency assessment. Assessments are offered only in English and in an online environment.

How to register for your ONLINE assessment? 
1. Visit the www.pastel.co.za or www.sagepastel.com website.
2. Select the Sage Pastel Zones tab.
3. Select the Training Zone option.
4. If you have already created an online profile, log in with your user name and password.
5. If you do not have an online profile, click on the here link or the Create Personal Profile link to create your online profile.
6. Using the Serial Number that you received with your course material, select the Register Serial Number option. Enter the Serial Number and select the Register button.
7. Select the Write My Assessment option.
8. On the next screen, select your registered assessment.
9. Select the Start Assessment button.
10. Select the assessment link that displays in the new screen.
11. Read the assessment instructions and select the Let’s begin button.

Delivery Method:

In Class
Reach your full potential through our instructor led classes combined with interactive lessons, practical assignments and in field experience.


On Site & Group Bookings
Our on-site training option brings world-class Learnfast training to your site or a convenient nearby location. On-site training saves money by eliminating travel and hotel expenses. Do you have 3 or more people to book? We can offer customized and well priced solutions for group bookings. 


Day 1 
Starting Sage One Accounting
 Sage One Accounting
 The online help and supporting documentation
 The sign up process for Sage One Accounting
 Logging into your company
 Navigating within Sage One Accounting

Maintain and administer your companies
 Maintaining your companies
 Creating users and assign permissions
 The overview of cycles in accounting
 Changing your password
 My profile

Create and maintain your supplier master files
 Supplier master files
 Creating your suppliers
Create and maintain your item master files
 Item master files
 Creating your items
Create and maintain your customer master files
 Customer master files
 Creating your customers

Processing supplier and customer documents
 The different transactions
 Process supplier transactions
 Process customer transactions
 Processing with analysis codes
 Receiving and making payments

Other Functionalities
 Quick views
 Generate reports
 Customer statement run
 The different reports in Sage One Accounting
 Favourites
 Losing your work

Day 2
Maintaining your companies

 Maintaining your companies
 Setting up the company VAT periods
 Importing and exporting data

Suppliers, Items and Customers
 Maintain existing suppliers
 Adjust supplier opening balances
 Maintaining your items
 Item adjustments
 Maintain existing customers
 Adjust customer opening balances
 Creating your sales reps
Create and maintain other master files
 Other master files
 Creating your accounts
 Adjust accounts opening balances
 Sales and purchase accounts
 Account reporting groups
 Create your bank accounts
 Maintaining your bank and credit card accounts
 Adjusting bank and credit card opening balances
 Creating your assets
 Creating analysis codes
Processing and editing documents
 Processing with analysis codes
 Editing documents

Processing banks and credit cards
 Process banks and credit cards
 Reconcile banks and credit card transactions
 Import and map bank statements
 Automatic bank feeds
 Manage automatic bank feeds
 Budgets

The accountant’s area
 The accountant’s duties
 The accountant’s area
 Processing journal entries
 VAT returns and reports
 Processing other VAT related transactions
 The accountant’s reports

Other Functionalities
 The different reports in Sage One

 Compare reports to budgets
 The VAT 201 calculation report
 Opening balances


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