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Learnerships: A Guide for Employers

A learnership can be defined as a structured learning programme which includes theoretical and practical workplace experiential learning over a period of at least 12 months and which leads to an occupationally related qualification registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). It is an agreement between an employer, training provider and learner. Learners in learnerships have to attend classes at a college or training centre to complete the classroom-based learning, and they also have to complete on-the-job training in a workplace. This means that unemployed people can only participate in a learnership if there is an employer that is prepared to provide the required work experience. Learnerships were created because the government was looking for ways to transform skills development in South Africa. The primary aim of Learnerships is to address the gap between the current education and training provided and the needs of the labour market. In fact, Learnerships as seen as central to skills upliftment in South Africa.


Learnership Programs Offered:

We currently have the following learnerships on offer:

Services SETA

  • Qual ID 59201 LP 60269: National Certificate: Generic Management
  • Qual ID 57712 LP 74630 Further Education and Training Certificate: Generic Management
  • Qual ID 50080: Further Education and Training Certificate: Project Management


  • National Certificate: Information Technology End User Computing, qualification ID 49077
  • National Certificate: Information Technology System Support, qualification ID 48573
  • National Certificate: Information Technology System Development, qualification ID 48872Further Education and Training Certificate: Information Technology Technical Support, qualification ID78964
  • National Certificate: Interactive Media, qualification ID 49121
  • Further Education and Training Certificate: Design Foundation, qualification ID 49127
  • Certificate: Design Techniques, qualification ID 60509


  • National Certificate: Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices, qualification ID 50334
  • Further Education and Training Certificate: Early Childhood Development, qualification ID 58761




Learnership Funding

A Learnership can be funded by the SETA or self-funded by the employer.


Discretionery Funding

Employers who pay the skills levy can claim cash grants when they provide training. Thse grants can be used to offset learnership costs. Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA’s) may also provide grants for the impletmentation of learnerships. Employers should get in touch with the SETA to which their skills levies are paid to find out if learnership grants are available.

In addition to the 50% of levy, which can be claimed for a workplace skills plan and the annual training report you may apply for a learnership grant from a SETA before you start the learnership.

Tax Allowance

Section 12H of the Income Tax Act No. 58 of 1962 grants an additional tax allowance in respect of recognised learnership agreements entered into by employers. This was introduced to encourage skills development and job creation and to assist businesses by reducing the cost of training.

The Tax Allowance has been extended until 31 March 2022.

What is the Tax Allowance?

For NQF 1-6 you will receive R40 000 on Commencement and R40 000 upon Completion and for NQF 7-10 the amount is R20 000 on Commencement and R20 000 upon Completion of program.

For Disability Allowance on NQF 1-6 you will receive R60 000 on Commencement and R60 000 upon Completion and for NQF 7-10 the amount is R50 000 on Commencement and R50 000 upon Completion of program.

BEE Points

Skills Development is one of the priority elements on the newly revised generic BEE scorecard. 20 Points are available in total with 5 bonus points for employing black learners after completion of the learnership. You could earn 13 points for hosting and employing unemployed, black learners on a learnership and the cost of learnerships will also be added to total training spent, which equals more points available. This also now includes 4 points for training black, disabled employees.




Types of Learnerships

Unemployed Learnership

An unemployed learnership is where an employer takes on learners which do not have full time employment with their organization at the start of the process who will become temporarily employed for an average period of 12months while the learnership is in process.

An unemployed learnership would be run as a pure classroom based program facilitated by registered subject matter experts.

Employed Learnership

An employed learnership is where an employer intends on upskilling existing staff of the organization against a full qualification within an average period of 12 months. An employed learnership can be run either as a classroom based program or as a blended online program.




Learning Methods


There are many different approaches to learning, and at Learnfast Training Solutions, we strive to provide our clients with the most convenient, affordable and personally preferred learning solutions. Most employees and / or learners are employed full time, which is why we offer more than one option. Our Learnerships can be offered in the following ways:


Option 1: Instructor-Led

Reach your full potential through our instructor-led classes combined with interactive lessons, supporting video content, practical assignments and in field experience. We deliver instructor led classes full time, part-time, weekends and onsite.

It is the most widely-used and traditional method for training which delivers face-to-face training. It is highly effective in terms of knowledge retention as there is an individual leading a class of learners who delivers the content to them directly. This session takes place at a specific time and location and can last up to several days.

The benefits of instructor-led classes:

  • Easier to adapt
  • More social
  • Easier to enforce
  • A variety of techniques such as role-playing and topic specific exercises can be used to enhance the learning experience

Although instructor-led training dominates the market in terms of use, it is the costlier learning delivery method as it requires an instructor, facilities, equipment, travelling is often required, catering and the learning material.

Option 2: Blended Learning

With the 12-month learnership, we will use a blended learning approach, which is an innovative approach that takes advantage of new technology while recognising the benefits of instructor-led training methods.

This method has originally been created due to the location of specific learners which makes it impossible for them to travel to certain training centres.

Learnfast Training Solutions will facilitate the delivery of the qualification and support learners through a combination of on-site training, online content, video-based facilitation and practical virtual online labs.

The learner will be required to submit a portfolio of evidence of relevant experience, in a prescribed format. The assessor and learner will decide jointly on the most appropriate assessment procedures, subject to the assessment rules of the relevant education training quality assurer.

Learners will benefit from the following support that has been created for blended learning in order to assist them throughout their studies:

  • Learning can take place anywhere and at anytime
  • Learners set their own pace to complete the learning program based on the time available.
  • Learner can expect support via face-to-face mentoring sessions, email or via the support function on the portal
  • The learner has access 24/7 to the online resources on the portal
  • Each learning program will consist of different individual modules (which might be a combination of one or two unit standards) specifically assigned to each learner.
  • The online platform provides the following to each learner:
    1. Individual Login
    2. Course Content | Learner Guide
    3. Videos explaining the content covered within the Learner Guide
    4. Online Self-Assessments after each chapter in order to continue to the next, which also provides immediate results once the assessment has been submitted
    5. Summary Slides
    6. Additional notes / resources
  • The portfolio will be submitted via the learning platform which will be assessed and moderated online which will reduce the assessment and moderation timeframe

Employers will benefit from the following:

  • The overall cost of learning will be drastically reduced
  • No additional accommodation or travelling expenses are associated with this learning option unless mentoring sessions are scheduled
  • Increased production in the workplace as there is no need to take days off in order to attend training
  • Real-time reporting (results of the self-assessments)
  • Essential feedback on the module each learner completes which serves as the progress status
  • Payment terms are available in order to afford more learners the opportunity to develop their skills
  • After assessment, if not competent, the learners can resubmit an assessment with no additional expense (should it get to the 3rd assessment, additional costs will apply)

We believe that face-to-face mentoring is still important in order to provide additional support, provide personal attention to the needs of each learner as well as ensure that each learner is on the right level where they are supposed to be (which will assist with detailed progress reporting). We do not pre-schedule our mentorship program dates, but rather work with learners and the employer to arrange the most



Benefits of a Learnership

Benefits to the Learner

  • Increase employment opportunities
  • Provides easy access to formal learning
  • Assists in career-pathing and self-development
  • Provides a way to earn a salary while studying
  • Gain valuable workplace experience

Benefits to the Employer

  • Provides the organization with the opportunity to grown their own talent. It is a more cost-effective way and it produces a much better calibre of people that meet the unique needs of the organisation
  • Claim back on your skills development spend.
  • Learnership aid in reaching your Employment Equity targets, as it provides previously disadvantaged people and PWDs with the opportunity to improve their work-related competence and obtain qualifications
  • Improves your competitiveness by gaining valuable B-BBEE points.
  • Provides a meaningful way of learning to your employees as it consists of theoretical and practical components
  • Capitalise on the available learnership Tax Break and Employment Tax Incentive which enable your business to benefit from the tax rebate
  • Value added to the life of the learner.






Why train with us?

It's in the detail.

Learnfast Training Solutions (Pty) Ltd is committed to working with our clients and their learners every step of the way. Our approach is tailored and unique to each client as we express commitment to quality and customer satisfaction at all times. We believe that all education, training and development and learning programmes made available to learners attending, should be aligned to the companies needs and strategies, thus we ensure that we create a learning environment and support structure to ensure that the learners will excel in their newly learnt skillset. We focus on individual attention to ensure that the correct skills are developed and accurate knowledge is gained. Each learner’s well-being and growth is considered to ensure that we focus on growth and a valuable learning experience to build a better and stronger workforce.

A blended learning approach is used to create a contextualized blend of classroom training with digital platform integration. Activities are experiential and results-based. Methods are active, participatory, practice-oriented and make extensive use of information and communication technology. This allows additional learner support to guide the learner through their development journey, as well as to report any training related feedback, assessments and results back to our clients in a timeous and accurate manner.

The entire staff team at Learnfast, are people who share a great passion for training and development. We walk the extra mile for and with our clients, by means of motivation and assisting their human capital to strive for excellence. We are an elite training provider and we pride ourselves in customer care and satisfaction.



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